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Our Studio

We make industrial avant-garde jewellery, driven and inspired by our life experiences. Follow us on instagram for daily insights, and get onto our mailing list for new launch updates and occasional special offers. You can also reach out to us if you have any questions, we'd love to connect with you.

Morf is the materialisation of a love for brutalist, minimalist and utilitarian aesthetics, founded by two Belgrade-born designers, Nina Lazic and Nemanja Vuksan. Our designs reflect the vision of a new kind of aesthetics born between the fragments of a modernist ex-communist landscape.

Our jewellery is made by hand in our Belgrade-based studio, using a high performance specialty concrete we formula we developed specifically for our products, combined with the highest grade of stainless steel. Each piece is made with care and polished manually, with the utmost focus on detail and true craftsmanship.

Genderless & timeless

Free from —

We design with inclusivity in mind. All our pieces are designed to be free of labels or genres conventionally associated with binary fashion. We approach designs as sculptures for bodies of any sex, shape and size.

Our jewellery is designed against common principles of jewellery-making. We approach it from the prism of industrial design and use common, ordinary and ubiquitous materials to fashion something out of the ordinary.

technology & innovation

Made of —
— real concrete

This is no ordinary concrete. We produce ultra-fine and high-performance material from a formula we developed ourselves specifically for the jewellery. It’s highly resistant to breaking, chipping and weathering, and features ultra-fine texture.

Our lines are produced in small runs by a manual process that takes approximately 20 days. As with anything that pushes limits, every aspect of the production is equally important in getting it right.⁠ That’s why we take our time with the process, to make sure only the very best of what we create goes to you.⁠

slow & conscious

Our —
— studio

Our home in Belgrade is the place where all our designs and production get done. It’s where we research, plan, draw, prototype and make jewellery, and get inspired by the very uniqueness of Yugoslav modernism. We can’t imagine a better place to work in.

It is important to us to be as environmentally responsible as possible. We use steel, the most recycled material in the world. Steel loses no quality during recycling and can be recycled endlessly. We only make as much as per demand and make sure no concrete components go to waste. We are also making real efforts to reduce our plastic consumption and use reusable supplies as much as possible.

Nina & Nemanja

We are industrial designers by profession. Morf was born as a product of years of friendship and sharing a love for industrial and utilitarian aesthetics. Growing up in a post-communist country meant being surrounded by the remnants of the brashness of socialist modernism, which left a lasting mark on our lives. We channeled our experiences into contemporary fashion.

Contemporary jewellery is a medium through which we brought together the various fields of our interest and skills, including fashion, storytelling and product design. Our approach to jewellery design is grounded in our background in industrial design, creating sculptural, minimal and architecture-inspired pieces.

Aside from our personal experiences, Morf is also a product of close observation of behaviour in today’s culture and insights captured through travelling, archive research and conversations with people from all walks of life. From the product to the brand, every aspect of Morf is injected with carefully considered decisions that all converge into turning modernist ideas into contemporary fashion.